Flying Steps Diploma


Promotion video for Flying Steps Diploma education program. The video was created for the Flying Steps Diploma website.

Flying Steps Diploma is the first 360° street and funkstyle education in europe that follows a holistic approach from dance to business.



Making of

The challange was to create a video that attracts the attention of young dancers of the street and funk dance culture who often don´t trust education programs for dance. Also because most of the previous education programs just featured the street and funk culture as a side program only. So our team advised Flying Steps to go for an authentic video with real interviews featuring icons of the dance scene like Vartan himself and BBoy Storm talking about their own experience. The focus was on stroytelling about the missed opportunities and wasted talent of many talents of the past who never took the jump to the professional world as a dancer.  The aim with the video was that even the biggest critic of such a program would at least take a closer look at the details after seeing this video.


Flying Steps


Steve Won

Production Company



14. June 2021